Solar Energy Pros And Cons – What Do You Need To Know

Are you aware of solar energy? Before you rush out to pay a lot of money on the solar powered system for your home, there are a few aspects you should know about and must consider the solar energy pros and cons before finalizing on the energy source in your home.

  • Cost

Although they are becoming less, solar devices are still very costly. If you are living in an average-sized home, you perhaps will be looking at approx $25 thousand dollars to power your house entire through solar power. Needless to say, this is a cost that is going to take quite a while to recover it all completely.

Not just is it going to cost a bit in the start, but you will also have to mount a considerable number of panels in order to provide sufficient power for your requirements. This implies covering a major area of your roof, and the structure perhaps not be adequate enough to handle the load of the solar panels.

  • Power Storage

Obviously even the most effective solar panels cannot generate any power without being exposed to the sun, which means there is not any power that is being produced after the sunset or before sunrise. Hence, you will be living off of what you store during the daytime. This requires you to keep a set of batteries that are useful in storing the power. This, certainly, adds to the cost, as well as, the complexity of the installation.

  • Site Evaluation

The all-around efficiency of the solar devices mainly depend on your home’s location, exposure to the sunlight, and if there are any obstructions between the sun and the panels. Ideally, you want to have the panels being directly exposed to sunshine for the longest amount of time during the day. Because of these requirements, not all locations are suitable for setting up solar power panels. To be certain that your home is perfect, it is imperative to hire professionals to execute a site survey on your property for proper evaluation.

  • Free Power

The best part of setting up solar energy panels is that you will never have to pay for power again. When the cost of the installation is taken care of, all the electrical power being generated through it is 100 percent clean, free, and green.

  • No Harmful Emissions

When considering the pros of solar energy, you can be certain that your solar energy system is not generating any sort of harmful emissions. You are not dumping anything into your environment while using solar panels; instead, you are actually making it all better not only for yourself but the environment too.


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